The Power of Intuition with Gina Spriggs

Gina Spriggs was born psychic but quickly learned to shut down her gift when her mother sent her to a psychiatrist after she told her about her invisible friend. Six years later, at the age of sixteen, Gina picked up her first tarot deck which was her vehicle into the world of metaphysics. Gina is an ordained minister but prefers the title High Priestess as opposed to Reverend. She has written two books entitled Dirty Laundry and The Intuitive Tarot Workbook and has been featured on Fox 46 Carolinas, Fox 5 New York, CBS Radio, and Natural Awakenings. Below is my interview with Gina Spriggs about the power of intuition.

Phillips: Please tell me about your journey and when did you discover your gifts?

Spriggs: When I was a kid, sometimes people would say something like, ‘oh, I’ll see you next Thursday’. I was able to like literally go into next Thursday and determine if I was going to see them or if they were lying to me. I didn’t realize until later on that other people were different and couldn’t see what might happen next Thursday. I was a ten-year old latch-key kid who walked from school in Manhattan. When I would get out of the elevator to walk towards my apartment, I would see a girl who was holding a huge box come out of the wall.  She was kind of like a holographic kind of image; she  wasn’t a solid image like looking at you right now. She didn’t talk but she would walk with or behind me.

When I was ten years old, I was hanging out with my mom in the kitchen and she was telling me about my older sister’s imaginary friend. So, I decided to tell my mother about my friend who comes out of the wall. Over a period of time, my mother asked me lots of questions about my friend who comes out of the wall. Later, I found out that my mother thought I had a problem because she sent me to a shrink [mental health specialist]. Then my sisters began to make fun of me and I stopped talking to people about what I saw. When I was a child, I didn’t fully develop my intuition because of family pressure.

Phillips: What is intuition and how can people develop it?

Spriggs: Intuition is exactly who you are, it’s your spirit speaking through you. People can develop it through meditation and observation. What I mean by observation is to notice what you notice; pay attention to what stands out to you at any given moment. Meditation is about quieting the mind so that you can listen to your heart and you can tap into your inner sense as opposed to relying on your outer sense. We are trained to think about and sense through our five senses and sometimes our five senses can actually give us intuitive information but when we tap into our inner sense then we can actually tap into our hearts. In ancient times, wise elders were referred to as shamans and they would often refer to seeing with the eyes of the heart, feeling with hands of the heart, and hearing with the ears of the heart. All of us are unique and our intuitive gifts are unique. We all see, feel, and hear through our hearts which is beautiful.

Phillips: Are women more intuitive during their menstrual cycle or during certain times?

Spriggs:  I love this question. Women go through three stages of life: the maiden, the mother and the crone. When we are born we are intuitive. The different stages of life like puberty, motherhood, menopause affect our intuition. Two weeks before a woman’s cycle, hormones are released that our society calls pre-menstrual system [PMS]. It’s actually pre-intuitive syndrome because our intuition is heightened during this period. Woman may experience huge emotional responses to what some people might consider a minor issue. The emotional response might be a bit dramatic but the woman is picking up on something intuitively. Pre-intuitive syndrome occurs during the maiden and mother stage. During the mother stage, women develop their intuitive abilities through their children. A mother doesn’t have to speak to her infant or toddler to figure out if something is wrong. She just knows something is wrong with her baby. She just feels it. During the crone stage, which occurs after menopause you are always intuitive. After women enter the crone stage, we no longer have cyclical intuition which occurs during the maiden and mother stage. That’s why a lot of indigenous cultures select wise women to serve as their chief. These indigenous societies rely on wise women to use their intuition to make decisions about going to war, drought, moving the tribe, and other important decisions.

Phillips: Does sex affects a woman’s intuitive abilities?

Spriggs:  Football players and boxers are told not to have sex before a game or boxing match because sex diminishes their power.  The contrary is true for women. Sex actually increases their power [not just intuition alone]. Our culture has confused both men and women with misinformation. Men are taught to go out and do it until their thing falls off; the more women the better. Men are encouraged to engage in sexual activity that actually depowers them. Women are made to feel like whores for engaging in activities that actually empowers them. Any time you are intimate with anybody, you are picking up their energy. It’s really important for you to love that person. I am not saying you are going to marry them and live happily ever after but you have to have a love and respect for the person that you choose to be intimate with because you take a piece of them with you.  If they sleep with everybody in the world, then you are picking up little pieces of energy from everyone. I am 55, if I decide to sleep with somebody, I ask myself what qualities I like about this person and what am I going to gain out of this?

Phillips: Please tell our readers about your books related to developing intuition.

Spriggs: The Intuitive Tarot Workbook teaches the reader how to read Tarot intuitively. Tarot is a life-long study. I am a Tarot master and I’m still studying. When people learn how to read Tarot intuitively, they will be able to read any deck because it’s not about the deck it’s about your intuition.  My intuitive Tarot work book basically gives you exercise that you can go through with your Tarot deck to help you develop a relationship with your deck. I’ve written two other books entitled Life Lift and The Practical Toolkit of Transformation. These two books are based on chakras, which are invisible energy centers which are essential to understand to increase your intuitive abilities. Also, I’ve created Effortless Intuition, a programs to help people developing their intuition.

Phillips: As a minister, do your religious views conflict with Tarot? If so, please explain?

Spriggs: Initially, Tarot cards were playing cards [used to play card games like Spades]. Later the Tarot system was developed. In the 1300s, one of the Visconti daughters, members of Italian royalty received a deck of Tarot cards. During that time, the patriarchal church banned playing cards because they were connected with gambling but the church didn’t ban Tarot card because they were used by royalty. Historically, royalty always used what we would refer to as shamans or wisdom keepers to assist them with making important decisions. It’s no different right now, the wealthy use Tarot, Astrology, and other forms of divination to build wealth, power, and social influence. Often times people connect Tarot with Satan cults or other negative images that they may have seen on TV or in movies.  If you believe that Tarot is bad then Tarot is bad. If you believe that Tarot is good then Tarot is good. Tarot cards are really just cue cards that activate and inspire your intuition. I don’t see a conflict with being an ordained minister and a Tarot Master because no biblical scripture prohibits Tarot.

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