Love Signs: Understanding Your Man Through Astrology

Dr. Luv writes for New Growth Magazine

Aires Man: The Warrior

In love and life, the Aires man is competitive. When pursing a relationship, he is competing to win his love interest’s affection. While in a relationship, he keeps score and can quickly lose interest in his lover. Under age 35, the Aires man is inclined to play the field. The Aires man has a strong desire for sexual satisfaction but generally lacks interest in the art of lovemaking.

Taurus Man: The Worker

He is a hard worker who seeks stability at work and home. The Taurus man expresses his love through physical touch and being of service to his lover. Instead of whispering sweet nothings in your ear, the Taurus man shows his love by giving tangible gifts. Generally speaking, Taurus men prefer long-term stable relationships. Taurus men can become possessive of their lover.

Gemini Man: The Communicator

The Gemini man understands the power of words and he uses his gift of speech to get what he wants. He is very intelligent, witty, and can be very sarcastic.  The Gemini man is a lover of conversation. You get to his heart through his head.  Gemini men are inclined to have multiple relationships at the same time. In the bedroom, this communicator likes to talk.

Cancer Man: The Protector

The Cancer man is very emotional and intuitive. In love and in life, he must connect emotionally. Every three days, every month, and every three years his emotional state changes. He is very protective of his feelings and his family. It takes time for him to let his guard down. He falls in love with the person who reminds him of his mother or grandmother.

Leo Man: The Shining Star

He is the superstar. In love and life, he expects to have fun and be the center of attention. The Leo man expects to be treated like royalty. When in public, he expects his mate to make him look good. If the Leo man decides to have children, they will take center stage. He will live for and through his children.

Libra Man: The Partner

The Libra man loves beautiful things: beautiful women, nice clothing, comfortable living space, art, and nice jewelry. You connect with your Libra lover through conversation in a beautiful environment. The Libra man seeks balance in a relationship and will consistently bend over backwards to make sure that his lover is okay. In the bedroom, the Libra man puts his lover’s desire first.

Virgo Man: The Naturalist

The Virgo man is one of the most grounded men. He seeks perfection in areas involving health and mother nature. You can expect to find a Virgo man in the health food store, a community garden or a fitness center. In love and life, he is very selective. Before he selects a lover, he will analyze every aspect about her. If you are pursuing a Virgo man, please understand that he is attracted to your natural physical beauty. In the bedroom, he will attempt to perfect lovemaking.

Scorpio Man: The Investigator

In love and in life, the Scorpio man is obsessed with going beneath the surface. Most Scorpio men have a very penetrating look in their eyes and their goal is to see your soul. He is a seeker of power and seeks to find the power within his lover. In the bedroom, the Scorpio man will physically, spiritually, and mentally take his lover to extremes.

Sagittarius Man: The Professor

The Sagittarius man is a thinker, teacher, philosopher, and traveler. He is a lover of knowledge and wisdom. You can connect with your Sagittarius lover while discussing new age books during your weekend getaway. The Sagittarius man needs higher levels knowledge to be apart of their intimate relationships. In a relationship, you keep a Sagittarius’ attention by adding meditation, spirituality, and metaphysics.

Capricorn Man: The Builder

The Capricorn man is serious about business. He is a builder and planner whose motto is “plan your work and work your plan.” The Capricorn man is interested in things related to banking, real estate, and government. He is a long-term thinker who is concerned about his social standing. He views relationships as a business deal and he wants to know what his lover brings to the table. If you aren’t adding value to the Capricorn’s life, he will consider cutting his losses.

Aquarius Man: The Innovator

The Aquarius man is more interested in technology than people. He is your typical computer nerd, scientist, or biotech researcher. He is a problem solver who lives in his head. Often times, he views relationships as another problem that needs to be solved. In relationships, he can appear aloof because of his lack of social skills. In intimate moments, expect him to use technology instead of romance.

Pisces Man: The Creator

The Pisces man is the most intuitive of all the signs. He gravitates toward careers that allow him to express his creativity such as art, music, poetry, and visual arts. When he falls in love, he falls deeply in love because his lover is his soul mate. When he meets his soulmate, in his head he is singing Outkast’s Prototype.


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