Naturalistas To Watch [Music Edition]


Sa-Roc aka The Goddess Emcee is the matriarch of God-Hop, the newest movement in Hip-Hop which is an evolution of Old School Hip-Hop with positive lyrics and deep thought. Since 2008, she has released 13 albums with diverse lyrical content and concepts. Sa-Roc is one of the top female emcees in the game.


Carolyn Malachi


Carolyn Malachi’s music is a refreshing alternative to the commercially packaged mainstream music options. Malachi, a Grammy nominated independent artist, has released four impressive albums. Malachi’s music is influenced by the rich musical history of Washington DC, her hometown. You can expect to hear a fusion of Blues, Jazz, Spoken Word, GoGo, and R&B in Malachi’s music.



Elegant, soulful, radiant, creative, and passionate are a few words that describe LIRA, South Africa’s most celebrated Naturalista and Songstress. LIRA’s sophisticated genre is described as “a fusion of soul music, elements of jazz, funk, and African languages.” Listening to LIRA’s music invites listeners on a journey into life in South Africa.



Niambi and Thandi are film students at NYU, musical artists, and social activists. Oshun is a musical extension of Erykah Badu, Lauryn Hill, Soul II Soul, Public Enemy, X-Clan, and Arrested Development. Niambi and Thandi are the perfect musical combination to take listeners on a musical and spiritual journey.

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