The Black Love Solution

During these challenging social and economic times, hate appears to be the dominate force in America. The black community is under attack by trigger happy police officers and a legal systems that enables hateful officers to kill black people. Additionally, we have young black men and women who are engaged in an uncivil war against each other. Where do we turn when we are facing external and internal threats of hatred, death, racism, and violence?

Hate is the problem
We live in a country that was founded on hate and many of us are infected with hatred. We hate ourselves, our family, our community, and our jobs. On a metaphysical level, we are attracting hate because hate lives within us. Individually and collectively, we must begin doing the inner (spiritual) work to rid ourselves of hate and fill our hearts with love. Our hatred towards each other invites the police into our communities, homes, schools, and reinforces negative stereotypes that many officers hold about black people. Our hatred towards each other divides us during times of crisis which prevents us from coming together economically when we are attacked or killed by police officers. Why? Some members of the “black elite” hate poor and uneducated black people and aren’t upset when a “street thug” is killed by police officers. Often times, members of the “black elite” don’t consider themselves to be a part of our community until they lose their economic privileges granted to them by corporate America.

What’s the solution?
Love is the solution. We have to open our hearts and begin the process of healing ourselves and encourage those around us to begin the healing process. Don’t allow your friends and family to feel like they are fighting racism, economic inequality, and self-worth issues alone. Your friends and family need to know that you support and love them. Next, we need to completely get rid of statements and words such as “niggas ain’t shit”, “broke ass nigga”, “black bitches got too much attitude”, “Thots”, and any other statements that aren’t uplifting. Words have power and often times we are using words that are designed to kill each other’s spirit. Black love is what caused black men and women to walk hundreds of miles to find each other after slavery ended. Who would you walk 300 miles to find?

Love is an Action Word

When most people discuss love, they are referring to the western romantic love that people fall into, fall out of, and usually results in a “broken heart”. Instead of using the word love, our ancient African ancestors used the word mrwt (moorwet), which was symbolized by the hoe used to till the land. Our ancient African ancestors defined love as the process of cultivating the land in order to give life; so to love someone means that you are in a continual process of cultivating and growing the relationship. Our ancestors didn’t view love as unexplainable feelings, love represented positive actions and efforts one took to maintain balanced and positive relationships. As a community, we must take positive steps to cultivate meaningful relationships with our family members, develop trust so that we can create positive and profitable business relationships, and develop self-love so that we can begin to address our community issues.

Lover and Fighter
Loving and fighting are complementary qualities. During childbirth, mothers fight for their own lives to give birth to a child that love created. Fathers will fight a wild animal to protect the family that they love. Without love, we aren’t prepared to fight. Since our enslavement, our oppressors have programmed us to hate each other so that we can’t fight them. As long as we hate ourselves and our community, we will remain financially and spiritually enslaved. Let’s start loving ourselves, our family, our community, and our history so that we can start fighting for our freedom.

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