Six Course Sex

Dr. Luv writes for New Growth Magazine

Six Course Sex

America is a highly sexually-charged environment and mainstream media greatly contributes to our current conditions. Americans are bombarded with direct and subliminal messages in advertisements, books, movies, music, and television, which encourage us to make sex a priority. If we aren’t talking about sex, then we are thinking about sex, or we are receiving some type of sexual communication.

Sex Is the Main Course

At fine dining establishments patrons expect five or six course meals. It’s normal for patrons to have two or three courses before their main course. Sex should be the main course but in most cases sex is offered and given away like free samples at the shopping mall food court.

It’s not uncommon to hear men and women say that they weren’t satisfied with a new sexual encounter, their mate changed after sex, or that they felt used. These are common complaints that occur because often time sex is offered as a free sample. Fine dining establishments provide you with at least two courses so that your digestive system will be prepared for the main course. Also, during the two courses, you get an opportunity to know the people at your table. You need three courses before sex so that you can get to know your potential mate and prepare your body to digest their sexual energy.

1st Course: Intellectual Foreplay

Intellectual foreplay is the time period for questions and answers. Ask all of the questions that you need to know before sex so you won’t be surprised afterward. The questions that you ask at the beginning of intellectual foreplay should not directly or indirectly relate to sex. You want to learn about their goals, passions, challenges, and their life purpose. Next you want to see if their actions match their words. If not, then it’s time to ask more questions. If you don’t receive the right answers for you, then it’s time to go.

2nd Course: Intuitive Foreplay

Intuitive foreplay involves listening to your inner voice and paying attention to your body’s response to another person’s energy. During this period, you are allowed to stand close to your potential partner, gaze into their eyes, and hold their hands. It’s extremely important that you listen to what your inner self is saying about your potential mate. Your job is to trust and use your intuitive abilities to let you know if you should go forward with your potential partner. Intuitive foreplay should last twice as long as intellectual foreplay, with a suggested minimum time period of 28 days.

3rd Course: Spiritual Foreplay

Spiritual foreplay involves using your religious or spiritual systems to seek assistance from a higher power for clarity about your decision to develop a bond with a potential partner. Your method of spiritual foreplay will vary based on your spiritual system. You may consider one or more of the following techniques: prayer, fasting, meditation, astrology, qigong, or dream interpretation. Spiritual foreplay will force you to look past the desires of your flesh and find the true desires of your heart.

Now that your potential partner has answered all of your questions during intellectual foreplay, your inner voice has given you the green light to proceed, you received confirmation from a high power that this is the right situation, now you are ready to engage in sexual play and/or intercourse. During your first three courses, it’s wise to find out what courses will be served after the main course.

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