Dr. Luv: The Cost of Sex?

Dr. Luv writes for New Growth Magazine

By: Dr. Luv

Sex is glorified in mainstream American culture. What many define as “sexual freedom” is showcased on television, film, music videos, and porn websites. Producers of these programs appeal to the public’s sexual appetite. On the other hand, the extremely religious organizations encourage people to refrain from sex to purse the divine path. The cost of sex is a major issue which is often overlooked by religious establishments and sexual freedom fighters. The question that deserves a well thought out and honest response is, “Can you afford to have sex?” In order to answer, one must consider the financial, emotional, and physical cost of sex.

 Let’s Talk About Money!

In economics, the term opportunity cost refers to the financial cost of missed opportunities. Since you can’t place the same dollar (resource) in two places, what are you sacrificing for your decision to invest time, energy, or resources in one area and not the other? What are the financial costs of courting, dating, improving your sexual techniques, purchasing birth control, doctor visits for sexually transmitted diseases, paying for abortions, and spending time investigating if your lover cheated on you? Add it all up and tell me if you can afford to have sex. If the answer is no, then you might want to refrain from sex until you develop ways to increase your income, savings, and net worth.

Emotions Cost Too!

Mainstream American media has convinced many young people that you can have sex with no strings attached when they coined terms like Friends With Benefits, Cut Buddies, Jump Off, Side Slide, and Backup Plan. No matter how hard you try to trick yourself, having sex activates emotional triggers within people. The emotional rollercoaster of meeting someone new, falling in lust, falling in love, and then learning that you can’t have him or her. Why? Because he or she is already in a situation. The decision to identify your sexual relationship with a cool new buzzword doesn’t negate the emotional cost of sex.

America has a mental health epidemic, which has caused large numbers of people to seek professional counseling and forced some people to take anti-depressant drugs. Are you prepared to pay the emotional cost of always being the side piece, not feeling like marriage material, feeling like you were only used for sex, feeling empty inside, not feeling loved, feeling alone, and turning to drugs and alcohol to escape from your emotional turmoil. The emotional cost can be extremely expensive and often require the use of financial resources to find peace of mind.

Physical Cost

In Napoleon Hill’s classic best-seller, Think And Grow Rich, Hill devoted an entire chapter to sexual transmutation, a concept that says sexual activity may cause you to lose physical strength, mental clarity, and focus that is required to reach your goals. It’s not uncommon for professional athletes to abstain from sex when they are training for a professional prizefight, playoff game, or recovering from an injury. Elite professional athletes and their trainers know that sexual relations has a physical effect on the body because sex activates a relaxation response in the body. What are the physical cost of the sexual energy you are transmuting and receiving?

Audit Your Sex Life

I challenge you to treat your life like a business and conduct a complete audit of your sex life. I want you to provide yourself with a summary of the financial, emotional, and physical cost of sex. You owe it to yourself to find out if you can afford to engage in sexual activity.

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