Think Like A Lady, Act Like A Queen

Act Like a Lady, Think Like a Queen

Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Queen

For several years, Comedian Steve Harvey’s best-selling book entitled Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man has been the topic of conversation. In the book, Harvey suggests that men are simple and direct, men need support, loyalty, and “The Cookie”, and women should wait 90 days before having sex. Harvey’s book has some beneficial points that can help women understand how some men operate, but Act Like A Lady, Think Like A Man lacks substance, creates confusion by encouraging women to think like men, and oversimplifies complex relationship issues.

Act Like A Lady

We’ve all heard people say “that’s not lady-like” or “a lady doesn’t behave that way”. But what is a lady? According to Webster’s Dictionary, a lady is defined as “a woman of refinement and gentle manners”, “a woman receiving the devotion of a lover”, and the term is associated with The Virgin Mary. In simple terms, the word lady refers to a refined woman who is worthy of honors and devotion. We live in a society that doesn’t encourage women to be lady-like. The current male-dominated Western society treats most attractive women as sexual objects, attempts to extract all of the creativity out of intuitive women, and encourages intellectual women to think like men for eight to ten hours per day. Women can’t beat men at acting or thinking like men. It’s much easier for women to embrace themselves as opposed to trying to emulate the male mindset. Acting like a lady is a life-long process for women continually striving to embrace their femininity.

Think Like A Queen

In the game of chess, the king can only move one space per move, while the queen can move multiple spaces across the entire board, which makes the queen the most powerful piece. Historically, the queen was the most powerful person in the kingdom because her marriage created alliances between two kingdoms and her womb was responsible for creating the next king. Women should think like queens because then they will operate from a position of power. Queens don’t concern themselves with trivial matters such as: finding a man, who has the hottest shoes, the latest designer handbags, and comparing herself to her girlfriends. Queens don’t have time for trivial matters because they are too busy creating their kingdom and creating plans for the next three generations. Queens don’t spend as much time thinking as men do because queens continually develop their intuition, which they grow to trust over time. Queens don’t chase men; they invite men into their royal court so that they can pick the ideal person to create and/or expand their kingdom.

Confused Lady? Confused Queen?

Do you often hear people say, “That lady is confused” or “That queen is confused”? You probably don’t hear those statements on a regular basis because the word confused doesn’t match well with the words “lady” or “queen”. An important shared quality between a lady and a queen is that both women understand themselves. Before a female can become a lady or a queen, she must truly understand herself. What gifts and talents does she bring with her into this world? What areas does she need to improve in her life? What is her life’s purpose? How can she help humanity? What legacy will she leave after she transitions into the afterlife? Queens know the answers and ladies are seeking the answers to the previously mentioned questions.

Dr. Luv writes for New Growth Magazine

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