DE Heart Ledisi


This has been an exciting year for Ledisi, the Grammy-nominated jazz/soul singer known for hits such as Alright and In The Morning. She recently released an EP entitled The Intimate Truth, starred as Mahalia Jackson in Selma, and she sang Take My Hand Precious Lord on the Selma Soundtrack. This spring, Design Essentials selected Ledisi to serve as their first beauty ambassador. Design Essentials Natural created a marketing campaign named DE Heart Ledisi, that coincided with Ledisi’s nationwide Intimate Truth tour and featured collaborations in multiple locations that brought fans up close and personal with Ledisi.

Taydra Mitchell-Jackson, Vice President of Marketing for Design Essentials said Ledisi is the ideal person to represent Design Essentials Natural because,

“Today’s woman who wears textured hair is all about two things: versatility and healthy hair. Ledisi so beautifully embodies both of those qualities, in addition to being astoundingly talented. We were already huge Ledisi fans, but when we found out how much she loved Design Essentials products, we knew she would be the perfect ambassador to share her passion for our products.”

Mitchell-Jackson encourages Ledisi and Design Essential fans to text LEDISI to 25827 to stay updated on DE Heart Ledisi’s upcoming events.

Ledisi Truck ImageWhen asked when she started Locing her hair, Ledisi said “I don’t know exactly when but my transition to Locs happened naturally about 12 years ago. I used to love twisting my hair into Bantu Knots. One day I decided to just let my hair stay in Bantu Knots instead of taking them out and that’s how my hair started Locing.” Ledisi wasn’t always natural, she admitted to relaxing her hair due to peer pressure. During junior high school, Ledisi relaxed her hair because she wanted to be like the popular girls in class but now Ledisi says “Now, I’m a popular girl just as I am.”

DE Natural LogoI was surprised to learn that Ledisi doesn’t have a daily regimen. “Majority of the time, I spray a little bit of Natural Coconut & Monoi Water Curl Refresher to give my Locs that shiny look” said Ledisi. This past spring, Ledisi had a very intense touring schedule and many of her fans wondered how she managed her hair on tour, Ledisi explained “When I’m on tour, every two days, I curl my hair into Bantu knots to give me some curls for my upcoming performances. I also see my hairstylist to check-in, to make sure my hair is healthy, and to occasionally add some color to my Locs.”

“I always make time to see my hairstylist because she is concerned with the health of my hair and not just the hottest new hairstyle.” Ledisi encourages women who are considering going natural to be patient and to fall in love with yourself and your hair. Ledisi said “The natural state of your hair is a part of who you are and your hair is an external reflection of what’s going on inside your body. Take care of it all. It all goes together.”

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