Are You Ready For Real Love?

Dr. Luv writes for New Growth Magazine

Some of your single friends who were lonely during the holiday season are hoping that Cupid will point them in the direction of Mr. or Ms. Right. During the past few weeks, I’m sure you’ve heard some variation of the following comments: “I’m tired of being single.” “I want someone to hold.” “I’m ready to find Mr. Right so that we can settle down and have a family.” “I’m tired of running through all these women.” “I’m ready for someone to hold me down.” Oftentimes people will say what they want but they fail to mention if they are prepared for their desire to become reality. The desire to be in love isn’t much different from any other desire. Love requires preparation. So if you are single, what are you doing to prepare for love? Will you be ready when love knocks at your door?

Are you centered?

When you are ready, your ideal lover will arrive. The ideal lover is the person that compliments your positive qualities, helps to strengthen your weaknesses, and assists you with becoming a better person. If your ideal lover hasn’t arrived, then you probably aren’t ready yet. A symptom of not being ready is attracting imbalanced potential lovers. You aren’t cursed and it’s not bad luck. The imbalanced potential lovers that you are attracting are a sign that you are imbalanced.  While you are single, it’s very important to become centered, which means understanding your positive and negative qualities, creating balance in your life, and learning what you need from a relationship as opposed to what you want. Once you become centered, you will begin to attract balanced people.

How Do You Love?

How you love is based on your life experiences. In our society, most people wear social masks to hide their feelings, emotions, and fears. Are you afraid of being hurt in a relationship? Are you afraid that you will hurt your future lover? Are you afraid that stuff just might not work out? Real love and deep soul connections cannot occur in the presence of fear. Love is divine and fear is diabolical. If your previous relationships were fear-based, you have yet to experience real love. Real intimacy, which leads to growth in all areas of your life isn’t possible in a fear-based relationship. In preparing for real love, one must rid his or her mind of fear.

Would You Date You?

If you talk to single people about relationships, after a few minutes of conversation, you will quickly hear their demand list. They have a list of things that they want from their lover such as: being financially secure, having a generous spirit, considerate, thoughtful, attractive, family-oriented, fun, smart, well-rounded, powerful, well respected, and a host of other characteristics. In preparing for real love, it’s very important to ask yourself some tough questions. It’s essential to be honest with yourself so that you can be honest with your future lover. With that said, do you possess the majority of the qualities on your demand list? If not, if the roles were reversed, would you or wouldn’t you date yourself? How can you expect your future lover to have qualities that you don’t possess? You can only trick someone with your good looks, sex appeal, and sexual techniques for so long. After all that wears off, you will soon again be single. It’s nothing wrong with having high expectations, but when you embody what you are asking for, you will attract people with the qualities that you are seeking.

Get Ready.

If you are single, now is the time to shift your thoughts and emotions in a positive direction. Now is the time to prepare for the ideal relationship by getting to know yourself, healing past emotional wounds, learning to love yourself, and learning what you need from a relationship. Get rid of your fears. Open your heart to love possibilities and it won’t be long before Mr. or Ms. Right is knocking at your door.

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