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Dr. Luv writes for New Growth Magazine

My previous article entitled “Vagina Management” generated a significant amount of controversy. Statements such as “Women are the most powerful force on the planet; the source of their power lies between their legs in their vagina” created a buzz in barbershops and beauty salons. Dr. Luv received numerous emails from women who complained that the article focused too much on women and that men were left out. In response to their concerns, Dr. Luv will now shine light on the male phallus.

Which Head Controls You?

Are you a master of your higher head or a slave to your lower head? Men are naturally physically stronger than women and men are designed to use their physical strength. On the high end, men can use their physical strength to initiate and carry-out plans such as building structures, developing farms, manufacturing products, and starting businesses. On the low end, men who are too lazy to initiate meaningful plans will elect to use the majority of their physical energy in the bedroom.  These men initiate and carry out plans to bed as many women as humanly possible. When a man is the master of his mind, he controls both of his heads and gains pleasure from developing and carrying out plans. On the other hand, when a man is a slave to his lower head, he gains pleasure from the ego gratification of exploiting women.

Sex Causes Men To Lose Energy!

When a man’s sexual energy is focused, it can be used to compete in sports, to start a business, or to develop inventions. On the other hand, when his sexual energy is unfocused, the man is consumed with the desire for sexual exploits to satisfy his ego. Men have the option to select how they will use their sexual energy. If they use their sexual energy productively, then they are the teams’ MVPs, Entrepreneurs of the Year, or Noble Peace Prize winners. If their sexual energy is focused on only sleeping with women, then they will probably end up with numerous children, low energy, and limited financial resources. Why? Because when men engage in sexual intercourse, they transfer their life force (in some cultures commonly referred to Chi, Qi, or Ka) to their partner. She absorbs your energy and you need several days to recharge. After you recharge, if you immediately sleep with another woman, then you have no energy to launch a business, win the championship game, or develop a million-dollar idea.

Enter At Your Own Risk

Think of your penis as the plug and her vagina as the outlet. When you enter a woman’s sacred space, you are being charged with her sexual energy. So if your penis is the plug and your body is the device, then you will be charged up with her positive and negative qualities. If she has self-esteem issues, fear, and self-doubt, in exchange for an orgasm and bragging rights, you will absorb her issues. The goal shouldn’t be to sleep with as many women as possible; the goal should be to sleep with women who can charge up your entire body and spirit with the qualities you need to improve as a human being. Once you are charged up with energy from a quality woman, you have the proper balance of masculine and feminine energy needed to initiate and carry out your plans.

Dr. Luv writes for New Growth Magazine

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