A Candid Conversation with Tina

At the request of many of her friends, family members, and clients, Tina Owens Knox, owner of Spend Smart Now (a business designed to help people gain control of their spending and reduce their debt) decided to create an event entitled Candid Conversation with Tina, an interactive panel discussion about issues related to dating, sex, marriage, money, and love. Tina’s background includes budgeting, management, education and training, and customer service. During this interview, Tina explains her reason for launching Candid Conversation and how her event will benefit its attendees.

Phillips: Why did you decided to create Candid Conversation?

Knox: During the past six years, I’ve operated Spend Smart Now and my goal is to help my clients become financially responsible by reducing their debt and to assist them with spending their money wisely. During the consultations with many of my clients (who are mostly female), the problem related to their high debt level or over-spending was connected to their relationship (boyfriend, husband, or significant other), emotional (relationship related) purchases, or selecting the wrong mate. By nature, women are nurturers and we have the desire to take care of everyone, which can lead to our financial downfall. When I reached these conclusions, I decided to create Candid Conversation. In my opinion, Candid Conversation is needed because even after The Great Recession of 2008, people are still playing relationship games, jumping in and out of love, having casual sex, and creating children, but are neglecting their personal finances. Now is the time for us to have some real candid conversations and serious discussions about these issues. Social media is a great place to the start a discussion but nothing beats having real, live, human interaction. I plan to have experts present so that we won’t leave Candid Conversation with only an emotional high but also with some solutions.

Phillips: What topics will be discussed at Candid Conversation?

Knox:  During the first Candid Conversation, we will discuss love, dating, relationships, and marriage. These topics are first because my friends, family members, and clients requested them. The majority of conversations with my friends and clients revolve around love and relationships. Money plays a huge role in relationships. Based on my experiences, I see some women who are so desperate to be in a relationship that they are willing to accept almost any man. Sometimes men take advantage of these women and these women end up in serious financial issues. That’s just one example. I could go on for days about the connection between personal finances and relationships, but I have to save something for Candid Conversation.

Phillips: When will you hold the first Candid Conversation and what is the price of admission?

Knox: The first Candid Conversation will be held at Dupp & Swatt located at 2424 North Davidson St, Suite 112B, Charlotte, NC 28205 on February 7, 2015 at 5:30 pm. In honor of Valentine’s Day, or Single’s Awareness Day, we will have a panel discussion about relationships. Since I am a budget counselor, I prefer to host events that are free or low cost. The first Candid Conversation will be free of charge but space will be limited, so I request that all attendees RSVP on Facebook or send me an email.


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