Vagina Management

Vagina Management

Women are the most powerful force on the planet because of their power to give life. Women are creators, nurturers, givers, and are responsible for creating the next generation of humanity. The source of their power lies between their legs in their vagina. In ancient time, the vagina was a woman’s sacred space and the ancients referred to it as the mount of Venus, the Yoni, and The Key of Life. Collectively, vaginas are the most precious resource on earth because without them life would not continue to exist. In ancient times, women went through rites of passage when they learned the power of their vagina and they viewed their vagina as a source of power. In modern times, most women don’t view their vagina as a source of power. If they did, they wouldn’t share it with others so freely.

Your Vagina is Valuable

Your vagina is the most valuable asset on the planet because it’s responsible for giving life. Humans have created a variety of ways to destroy life but no new technology has taken away the woman’s power to give human life. The vagina beats out all other assets including gold, silver, diamonds, uranium, real estate, stocks, bonds, and money. So now that we have established the value of your vagina, we have to discuss something else very important and that’s management. All valuable assets require highly skilled and trained management. Mutual funds hire fund managers to manage employee retirement funds. Corporations hire Chief Financial Officers (CFOs) to manage the company’s resources. The United States has a Secretary of Treasury to manage our nation’s resources. So my question to women is, “Who is managing your vagina? You? If so, what management skills or special training do you have in Vagina Management?” Don’t be afraid to say it! You don’t have any training because you didn’t know that you needed any training.

Lesson #1  You can’t just let anyone in your Vagina!

I already know what you are thinking. You already know that. Well please let me finish before you jump to any conclusions. You can’t rely on your feelings or emotions to tell you who to let into your vagina either because they are subject to frequent change. Your vagina is a sacred place that is designed to give birth to ideas, emotions, children, and to initiate transformation. For your vagina to maintain its value, you must ensure that all visitors are tested before they enter your sacred space. The visitors must be physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually balanced before they enter. You must provide them with tests to demonstrate that they are in a state of balance. If you allow imbalanced visitors in your vagina, you and your vagina will become imbalanced, and your vagina’s value will drastically decrease.

Lesson #2 Your Vagina has memory like an elephant

Your vagina has muscles and those muscles have memories which are stored in your body. Even if you want to forget a visitor or you can’t remember him or her, your vagina does. The challenging part is that your vagina muscles may remember the pleasure of a former lover but your heart will remember the heart ache from your former lover’s affair. So don’t skip lesson #1! If not, you and your vagina will be confused by past memories.

Lesson #3 Vagina Management Is A Must!

If you aren’t managing your vagina, then someone else will! You must learn how to take control of your most valuable and powerful resource. Before you accept visitors in your vagina, you must fully accept, understand, and embrace your vagina. This is your source of power and you shouldn’t freely give it away. It is extremely important that you invest time in becoming a highly skilled Vagina Manager.

Dr. Luv writes for New Growth Magazine

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