Shantam Nityama: Spiritual Sex

Shantam Nityama, The Tantric Mongoose, is on a path to transform how men and women relate and view sex. Nityama, a Reiki and Tantric Sex Master views sex as a vehicle to heal the physical, emotional, and spiritual body. He teaches workshops in the United States, Europe, Mexico, and Australia to help his attendees release their societal conditioning and reunite with their inner being. Nityama has developed a cult-like following after he developed Nitvana Bodywork, an interactive class that teaches students how to help their partner achieve full body orgasm without physically touching their partner. Below is my interview with Nityama about Sex Education, understanding a woman’s body, having multiple sexual partners, and using sex outside of the bedroom.

Phillips: What did they skip in Sex Education that we need to know?

Nityama: All the information that an individual will need to become educated about sex was skipped. There is nothing in the Sex Education classes that are geared to educate students. The classes are designed to confuse students with fear-based information. The purpose of Sex Education courses is to make sure that students don’t have a clue about sex. I don’t think the classes should be called Sex Education. The correct term is Sex Miseducation. Any student that goes through the system, and buys into the program will be thoroughly confused and their children will be thoroughly confused too. In our society and on our planet, Sex Miseducation runs deep. In order for society to be controlled, the members of the society must be miseducated in a variety of areas (including sex).

Phillips: What do men need to know about a woman’s body?

Nityama: A women’s body is potentially orgasmic all over. It’s just a matter of her being with a man that understands that fact. The scalp, the chin, the eyebrows, the corner of the eyes, and her cheeks are all places that can take a woman into full body orgasm. Because of the number of tactical receptors and nerve endings in a woman’s body, she is just waiting on the right person to show up to help her to reach full body orgasm. Another way of saying this is that a women’s natural state is orgasmicness (provided that she isn’t carrying around tension and stress from the insanity of our society). But the stress of the Western world has moved many women out of their natural state of orgasmicness. It’s a combination of the stress and the miseducation that causes women to lose touch with their femininity. The sexual miseducation has caused women to lose their intuitive abilities. Our society has educated the intuition out of most women.

Phillips: Please explain how sexual energy is exchanged during the sex act?

Nityama: Because of the confusion in the area of sex, sexual energy isn’t usually fully exchanged. But here is how it’s supposed to work. During the sex act, sexual energy is traded based on the transfer of positive and negative energy between two people. Before I go further, you must understand the polarity of both man and woman. A woman’s natural energy is positive in her breast, her throat, and in her mouth. She is negative in her vagina. A man is positive in his penis and his testicles. The man’s negative energy is in his heart. So when the two come together, her positive pole connects with his negative pole and his positive pole connects with her negative pole. During the sex act, the energy comes out of the man’s penis and into the woman’s vagina. The woman will pull the man’s energy up into her heart and then send the energy from her into the man’s heart. The woman is sharing her magneticness with the man and he is sharing his electricity with her. After sex, both people should have experienced a bit of each other’s magnetic and electric charge.

Phillips: How does sleeping with multiple men affect women?

Nityama: Women need to understand that they give birth to things, all things. So if a woman has sex with a man that is violent, angry, and abusive, in three or four days, she is going to give birth to that energy by acting out the energy that she took in from the guy she slept with. So women need to make sure that the quality of men that they interact with have the qualities that they want to see more of on the planet because after she sleeps with him, she will give birth to his energy in a variety of ways. If a woman is with quality men, then she will give birth to quality things. It’s very difficult for a woman to be with a high quality man and then be with a man that is about nothing. If she does, she will have conflicting energies swirling around within her. If women are sleeping with more than one man at a time, she needs to make sure that they are of similar quality or she will become this hodge-podge of madness inside.

Phillips: How does sleeping with multiple women affect men?

Nityama: It’s important for men to understand that we are negative on the mental plane. During sex, men take in mental information from women. This is how a man ends up getting married and he can’t figure out how or why he got married. During sex, women can communicate messages and program men with ideas and information. So later on the guy ends up proposing to her and he thinks it was his idea. It wasn’t his idea, he was actually programmed during sex. The woman programmed him not because she was that interested in him but because she wanted to act out the fantasy of marriage. That’s why after a few months of marriage, a guy may feel like he’s no longer living a dream but a nightmare. So men need to understand that we are susceptible on the mental plan when we are interacting with women. Therefore, men need to make sure that the women that we are around are about something meaningful or we will get programmed to be about nothing.

Phillips: Can sexual energy be used outside of the bedroom?

Nityama: In the world I live in, sex is 24/7. Every encounter between a positive and negative energy is governed by the interplay between Yin and Yang which is the sexual dance of the universal. You can’t separate or take sex out of life — it is a part of everything. If I have a conversation with a woman, it’s sex because of the Yin and Yang dance going on in our conversation. When a man and a woman are in the same room together, it’s sex (even if there isn’t sexual intercourse or conversation) because of the interplay of Yin and Yang energy between the two people. It’s important for men and women to be aware of this interplay that is taking place all the time.

However you do sex is how you do everything in your life. I can watch you and how you do your life and I can tell you how you do sex. I can watch you eat a meal and tell you how you do sex. I can watch you have a conversation with a woman and tell you how you do sex. I can watch you interact with your co-workers and tell how you do sex. Or I can watch you have sex or talk to you about how you have sex and tell you how you do everything else in your life. If a person is having difficulty in their life, I’ll break down their sexual life and tell them how to tweak that in a different way and they will watch things in other parts of their life change accordingly.

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