Why Relationships End?

Dr. Luv writes for New Growth Magazine

Relationships Last Forever?

Since childhood, we have been told fairly tales about Prince Charming finding Cinderella and everything ending happily ever after. So, when most people enter into a serious relationship, they seldom think about the relationship coming to an end. Even if, midway in the relationship, they begin to notice warning signs or their intuition saying something isn’t right, they continue to believe that somehow everything will work out. Why? We believe that relationships are supposed to be just like our childhood fairy tales with everything working out perfectly. And since all relationships are supposed to end “happily ever after”, most people don’t enter a new relationship with an exit plan.

What’s the Purpose of a Relationship?

Relationships are all about growth. The purpose of an intimate relationship is to learn more about yourself and each other through interacting. The result of these emotional, spiritual, intellectual, and physical exchanges should result in growth. In the western world, our relationships are dominated by physical exchanges, with sex and material items taking center stage in relationships. So one or both parties may expand on a physical level, but overly physical relationships usually lack growth on emotional, spiritual, and intellectual levels.

So think of it like this: before you enter into a relationship, you have four empty cups. After you relationships starts, your mate fills up your physical cup with sex, money, and material items but neglects the other cups. So after a year, you begin to complain that something is missing in the relationship but you can’t put a finger on it. The relationship is out of balance because three out of the four relationship cups are empty.

Relationships Are Like Plants

Nature explains a lot about relationships. We should think of relationships like plants. Before you can grow a plant in your garden, you must have the proper soil conditions and plant in the correct season. After you plant your seed, you must continually cultivate your plant. And last but not least, you must expose your plant to the proper balance of sunlight, water, fresh air, and fertilizer. The same principles for growing plants apply to relationships.

Before you can plant or start a new relationship, one must be in the proper season of life and in a balanced emotional condition. After the relationship starts, both parties must assist each other with emotional, spiritual, physical, and intellectual growth, which is similar to the sunlight, water, fresh air, and fertilizer for plants. In a relationship, sunlight is symbolic for fun and games, water is symbolic for emotional support, fresh air is symbolic for intellectual enlightenment, and fertilizer is symbolic for encouragement for physical growth.

Relationships aren’t much different from a garden. If your relationship lack some or all of the requirements for growth, weeds will start to grow and choke out your relationship.

Can Relationships Last Forever?

Relationships are either growing or dying. When a relationship’s seed is planted in the right soil, in the right season, and both parties continually cultivate the relationship in all areas, the relationship will grow. When a relationship is planted in bad soil, during the wrong season, and both parties neglect their relationship in some or all areas, the relationship will begin to die.

Your relationship is either growing or dying, and relationships that are dying will eventually come to an end.

Dr. Luv discusses Why Relationships End

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