Tommy Sotomayor Says: Just Say NO To Hair Hats!

Tommy Sotomayor Leaning In

Tommy ‘TJ’ Sotomayor, aka ‘Mr. Controversy’, is a comedian, online radio show host of Your World, My Views, and documentary film producer of an upcoming film entitled A Fatherless America. Mr. Sotomayor is known for his strong opinions on a variety of topics including African-American women who wear hair weave. We learned about Mr. Sotomayor after our readers shared his controversial hair-related videos in online broadcasts. After our team watched several of Sotomayor’s controversial videos, we felt compelled to reach out to him for an in depth interview to fully understand his point of view. Below is my interview with Tommy Sotomayor about his views on black women and their hair choices.

Phillips: Please share your views on African-American women who wear hair weave?

Sotomayor: I think my views on black women who wear hair weave are misunderstood. I think there is an assumption that I hate black women who wear weave, but that’s not my issue with them. I hate their attitude! The black women who wear weave — or ‘hair hats’ as I prefer to call them — think that they are super human because of their ‘hair hats.’ There are lots of black women who are overweight, who have no job, and who’s lives are in a state of crisis… but their high-priced hair hats are supposed to fix all of their problems.

In my opinion, hair is supposed to be a woman’s crown, and the black queen is supposed to behave in a royal way. The queen’s hair isn’t supposed to look like the peasant’s or the servant’s hair. My questions to all of the black women who wear those horrible hair hats: why are you ashamed of your hair? Why are you putting another person’s DNA (who you’ve never met before) on your scalp? Black women spend $10 billion on their hair, but not even half of that on educating their children. I say they are spending $10 billion to look foolish by wearing these crazy looking hair hats!

The same black women who regularly attend church and love to say that “God don’t make no mistakes” are the same ones who wear those horrible hair hats! Are they saying that God made a mistake on their hair so they have to fix it by purchasing a hair hat? I’ve heard lots of excuses for why they need their hair hats! They wear their hair hats because it’s a protective hair style. In reality, hair hats damage their hair.

Tommy Sotomayor InterviewMost black women look like mannequins with their high priced hair hats, fake eye lashes, and un-ladylike tattoos. The truth is that most black women are trying to out-white white women. You can’t complain about white women stealing all of your men when you are trying to look like her! If a black man wants a white woman, he isn’t going to get an American ‘Euro-black’ or ‘Negropean’ woman pretending to be a white woman.

Phillips: Do Naturalistas have higher self-esteem than women who wear weaves?

Sotomayor: Okay Rashad, here is where I’m going to get a lot of black women mad at me. But this won’t be the first time. At first, I thought Naturalistas had higher self-esteem but later I learned that many of the natural women are members of the Natural Hair Nazis, people who couldn’t afford hair weave and/or weren’t that attractive. The best way I can describe the Natural Hair Nazis is that they are like the young Christian women who couldn’t fit in during high school, so they joined the church. The church was their haven and they used it to pick on the other kids that they secretly wanted to be like. Well, many of the Natural Hair Nazis were unattractive when they had a relaxer and decided to “go natural” to attack the attractive women who have relaxers.

Here’s my problem with the Natural Hair Nazis. You don’t “go natural,” you are born natural. Also, I have an issue with most of the images on social media of women with natural hair. Most of them are mixed chicks. The Natural Hair Nazis love the mixed chicks with natural hair.

Tommy SotomayorI saw the August 2013 cover of your magazine and that looked like a mixed chick on the cover. I rarely see dark-skinned women with natural hair on the cover of magazines or heavily promoted on social media. If she is light skinned, it’s all about her pretty face but if she is dark-skinned, the focus is on her bangin’ body. It’s still that situation where if you are light skinned you have “good hair” but if you are dark skinned “you are happy to be nappy.” I will say that some ‘natural’ black women do have higher self-esteem because they don’t hide their hair as opposed to the hair hat wearers who base their self-esteem on somebody else’s hair.

Phillips: Why do you have an issue with African-American women who wear hair weave, but not with white women who wear hair weave?

Sotomayor: White women don’t walk around with black women’s hair in their head. If they did we would say that they were racist or that they were making fun of black women’s hair. Black women who wear hair hats are proud to walk around with white women’s hair, or, let me get it correct before I get blasted on YouTube — black women are proud to wear Malaysian, Brazilian, and Indian women’s hair. I’m not saying all of this to tear down black women; I want black women to look as natural as possible. If a black man wore a Ted Coppell looking wig or hair piece, people would laugh and clown that dude. Why don’t people laugh at black women who wear hair hats? It used to be a point in time (in the 80s and 90s) when men would talk trash and wouldn’t even date women who wore wigs or weaves. But now we aren’t supposed to say anything.

Getting back on track, I don’t focus on white women’s hair because I’m not raising a white child and I don’t live in white culture. I’m raising a little black girl. Me focusing on white women’s hair would be like a Jewish person focusing on Christianity – it just doesn’t make sense.

Phillips: Do you have any closing comments?

Sotomayor: I just want black women to be honest and really think about what I am saying: Who do you think a black man would want to deal with? A woman who cuts her cuts and styles her hair every 3 months or a woman who spend thousands of dollars annually on hair maintenance? After the black woman spends thousands of dollars on her hair, you can’t do anything with her that might mess up her hair like go swimming or have sex in the shower. If you do, she has to wear this ugly plastic cap or put a grocery bag on her hair. A lot of the time, black women expect men to chip in with paying for their high-priced hair, new hair do’s, and hair products, but at the same time we can’t have fun or spontaneous sex because of your hair. This just doesn’t make any sense. I know I’m going to take heat for almost everything I said in this interview but somebody has to tell the truth.

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