Finding Your Inner Beauty

Dr. Luv writes for New Growth Magazine

The average woman spends $150 per month to enhance or maintain her physical beauty. If we include clothing and shoes, the monthly spending might exceed a car payment. But how much money or time does the average women spend enhancing or maintaining her inner beauty? Currently, limited research is available, but experts estimate that the average woman spends less than $30 per month on her inner beauty.

Why is Inner Beauty Important?

Finding your inner beauty will balance your relationship with your man

Most women will capture a man’s attention with their outer beauty, so your investment in your outer beauty will get your desired result. You will get his attention! But is that all you want? Most women want to capture and keep a man’s attention. Your outer beauty gets his attention and your inner beauty keeps his attention. Do you have trouble keeping a man around? Does he lose interest after sleeping with you? Do your relationships usually fade after a few months? If you answered Yes, then it’s time to develop your inner beauty.

Your outer beauty captures a man’s attention because most men operate in the outer (physical) world. But to keep a man’s attention, women must invite him into your inner world. But if you inner beauty doesn’t match your outer beauty, then he won’t usually hang around very long.

How Do You Work on Your Inner Beauty?

You develop your inner beauty by working on creating emotional balance, resolving issues (such as unfinished business with past boyfriends/lovers), and learning how to create harmony. Most productive men are physically exhausted from their dealings in the outer world and seek comfort in a woman’s inner world. But when a woman is frequently emotionally unstable, her inner world isn’t beautiful. Women must seek out a variety of ways to become emotionally centered (such as prayer, meditation, reading, Reiki, Yoga, exercise, and self-reflection).

Often times women who lack emotional balance have unfinished business with previous lovers, boyfriends, husbands, and fathers. If the unfinished business remains unresolved, these women project those feelings on their new lover. Example: A woman who grew up without, or was abandoned by, her father may lack trust in nearly all men. She may have a fear of getting close to men, feels like they are going to leave her, or fear that all men are cheaters. This woman may need to seek professional help to resolve these issues with men to restore her inner beauty.

An important part of human relationships is harmony. In the outer world, men usually operate in disharmonious relationships and want to experience harmony with their lover. But now that women compete with men in the professional (outer) world, some women have forgotten how to create harmony in their inner world. When I use the term ‘harmony’, I’m referring to beauty, balance, grace, and ease within relationships. When you invite him into your inner world, you shouldn’t attempt to control him with punishments or threats. Your ability to create harmony is your true source of power. Threats and punishments provide the illusion of power but, in actuality, are a sign of weakness.

Balance Is Beautiful

Often times, you hear people say after a women reaches the age of 35, ‘everything goes down hill.’ I think this statement may be true for women who have over-invested in their inner beauty and neglected their inner beauty. You can spend all of your income on beauty products and services to mask your inner scars, but what happens when Mother Nature runs its course and the products lose their effects? When women invest in their inner beauty, it radiates into the outer world and compliments their outer beauty.

Dr. Luv on Finding your Inner Beauty


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