Love, Relationships, and Astrology

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Finding love through the stars is much deeper than reading your horoscope online or in a newspaper. You must open your mind to the ancient wisdom of astrology, which says that the Sun, Moon, and the other eight planets have an influence on people and events on our planet Earth. If we take a look at the Sun and the Moon, this will explain how they affect us.

Around noon, on the first day of summer, take a walk outside and you will notice that insects are moving about, birds are chirping, plants are growing, and you are probably sweating. Now, try this same walk on the first day of winter and you will notice very few insects, fewer birds chirping, plants aren’t growing, and you are probably freezing.

Our environment changes because the Sun is having an effect on you and your surroundings. The science of astrology looks at the impact of the Sun, Moon, and all of the planets on us and our surroundings.

So what about love? Most daily horoscopes only focus on the Sun Sign but, the Moon and Venus Signs are major players in relationships. The Moon represents your past, family roots, and emotions. So, your Moon Sign explains how you express and deal with your deepest emotions. A person with a Gemini Moon Sign isn’t the most emotional person. This person would try to think through or rationalize their emotions. But a Pisces Moon Sign person can pay attention to their feelings, as well as understand the feelings of others.

So if these two people where in a relationship, they would have huge problems in the area of expressing and communicating their feelings. If you want to understand why your lover wants to express their deepest emotions or why they are afraid to show their emotions, find out what’s their Moon Sign.

Next, check out your lover’s Venus Sign. This sign explains how they view relationships. Venus represents love, beauty, money, and relationships. So the Venus Sign explains how you operate in relationships. A person with a Capricorn Venus Sign believes that the relationship must have rules, structure, and order. (You would need to give them a schedule of when you plan to be ready to have sex).

But a Pisces Venus Sign seeks a relationship that takes them into ecstasy (you must write them poetry, sing them love songs, and whisper sweet nothings in their ear while walking on the beach). If these two people are in a relationship, they would have a huge problem with what they expect from each other. Because one wants ground-rules while the other is searching for a character out of a romance novel. If you want to understand how your lover operates and what they expect from a relationship, find out what’s their Venus Sign.

If you want to know what Moon Signs and Venus Signs are compatible, check out Dr. Luv’s post on New Growth’s Facebook Fan page for more details.

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