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The MANual album by Q Parker

Phillips: It’s been about five years since 112’s last album. What have you been up to since then?

Q. Parker: I’ve spent most of my time in the lab working on various projects. In addition to singing, I am also a songwriter. While I was a member of 112, I was writing songs for our group and for other artists (Kelly Price, Pink, New Edition, Total, Faith Evans, Mase, Puff, and Monica). Since our last 112 album, I’ve been perfecting my craft. While I was working on a couple of projects, I wrote four songs that I kept tucked away. When I write music for others, I envision how the artists will make the song their own, but I kept those special four to myself because I couldn’t see them fitting anyone else. Those four songs are what led to me creating The MANual.

Phillips: Your new album is “The MANual”. How is the MANual different from your previous projects?

Q. Parker: I enjoyed my experience being a member of 112. We sold millions of records, earned a Grammy, and made history. But as a group member, our fans heard our lyrics and only heard a small portion of each group member. The MANual is my opportunity to fully express all of my views, feelings, and emotions. I am confident that listeners will hear and feel my views on The MANual. This album isn’t only for women; hopefully the fellas can walk away with some instructions from The MANual too.

The capital MAN in The MANual is introducing Q.Parker, the man. My 112 fans were exposed to the younger version of Q. Parker, but now I must show the grown and sexy version me. As a man, I know what women want to hear, and this project is a guide on how to treat women. During the past few years, lots of relationships have been on the rocks due to bad communication, low intimacy, and the lack of understanding. In my new project, I try to address all of these issues. My songs are about the issues people face in everyday relationships.

The MANual album by Q Parker

Phillips: You released a 2013 Q Parker fitness calendar. When did you become so passionate about exercise?

Q. Parker: I’ve been active and passionate about sports and exercise since middle school. When I started to compete at a higher level, I learned the importance of eating right. It wasn’t long before I was no longer able to get away with eating at McDonald’s after an intense work out.

After watching obesity become a national issue, I decided to create my fitness calendar. The calendar required me to step up my workout and eating plan. Hopefully, my calendar will inspire and motivate people to find ways to get more active. The calendar has some eye candy for the ladies and some health tips, too! A portion of the calendar proceeds go to breast cancer awareness non-profit organizations.

Phillips: Last year, Dr. Luv, our relationship expert, wrote an article entitled “What Men Want but Won’t Tell Women”. Can you tell us what women want but won’t tell men?

Q. Parker: Women want men to be Providers, Protectors, and to Love on them. I call this PPL. I know that PPL can sound kind of scary to most men but it’s not what they think. Being a provider doesn’t mean that your woman doesn’t work. It means that you give her emotional, physical, and mental support. Being her protector doesn’t mean that you have to be Bruce Lee, it means that you protect her from hurt, harm, danger, and sometimes protect her from herself. You have to love on her and you give her love in a variety of ways.

I would love to give your readers more but I need them to pick-up a copy of The MANual first in order to fully understand. Also, I’ll get a copy of The MANual to Dr. Luv. Hopefully, Dr. Luv can write about some of my album topics in his column.

Phillips: What can people expect from Q Parker in 2013?

Q. Parker: My mission in 2013 is to be the go-to guy for women. I want to form a special connection with my female fans. After she’s had a long work day, I want her to put on The MANual while sipping a glass of her favorite wine. I want my calendar to inspire her to live a healthier lifestyle. I want my passions to have a positive impact on my fans lives.

Phillips: Any closing comments?

Q. Parker: Please support Q.Parker! Spread the word about my music and my healthy lifestyle movement. As an independent artist, I don’t have millions of marketing dollars behind me. But I have something more important and that’s my fans. I just ask that you all support me and spread the word. My fans can connect with me through my Facebook page, Twitter page, Youtube videos, or on Instagram. My fitness calendar is available to all as well. I would like to thank New Growth Magazine for sharing my music and message with your readers.

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