Dr. Luv On Sex

Dr. Luv writes for New Growth Magazine

America is a highly sexually-charged environment and the mainstream media greatly contributes to its current situation. Americans are bombarded with direct or subliminal messages in advertisements, books, movies, music, and television, which, oftentimes, require us to ask the following questions: “Am I sexy enough?” “How do I please my lover?” “Am I good in bed?” “How do I get my lover to give me better sex?” “How many dates before sex?”

What is Sex?

When the average person uses the word sex, what they are really describing is sexual intercourse. Dr. Luv’s definition of sexual intercourse is a path of communication between two or more people, involving their reproductive organs. The parties to the sexual act experience a Yin-Yang (feminine and masculine) energetic exchange. The sexual energy that is exchanged is the creative force of the universe that arouses us, awakens us, energizes us, gives us passion, and makes us feel alive.

Why do we desire sex?

You want to sleep with her and she wants to sleep with you. Why? What’s the root of the sexual desire? It all goes back to the sexual energy exchange. During intercourse, we are seeking to share our stored sexual energy and obtain what we are missing. In short, we are seeking balance. A man’s sexual organ is external and his energy is aggressive, assertive, and focused on the outer world. A woman’s sexual organ is internal and her energy seeks to balance emotions, create harmony, and embrace pleasure, in her internal world. During the merger of sexual energies, the woman receives the masculine (aggressive, assertive, and focused) energy and the man receives the feminine (emotional balance, harmony, and pleasure) energy. What we really mean when we say, “I want you” is, “I want your stored sexual energy”.

What’s the Purpose of Sex?

The sexual exchange energizes and gives life to the participants, which also can produce new life (a child) and/or personal growth. When a man receives feminine sexual energy, he learns about his internal world; the feminine energy helps him to tap into his undeveloped emotions and the hidden parts of his unconscious. When a woman receives masculine sexual energy, she learns about her external world. The masculine energy activates her assertiveness and gives direction to her emotions. The purpose of the sexual exchange is for both participants to experience “Oneness” and to grow as a result of the experience.

What’s “Good Sex”?

The signs of Good Sex are: curled toes, lower back spasms, your entire body shaking, and yelling so loudly that your neighbors call the cops. The previously mentioned examples are signs of temporary physical sexual satisfaction. Dr. Luv defines “Good Sex” as the optimal energetic exchange of Yin-Yang sexual energy. Oftentimes, when people complain about a bad sexual encounter, they are attempting to communicate their dissatisfaction with an imbalanced sexual energy exchange.

Since the energetic exchange occurs in the inner realm, both parties can increase their chances of receiving optimal energetic exchanges by using their intuition. The use of intuition is a Yin (feminine) quality, so both parties must tap into their feminine qualities (creating harmony & emotional balance) to experience “Good Sex”.

Los Estados Unidos tiene una sociedad altamente cargada de sexualidad y los medios de comunicación  contribuyen enormemente a su situación actual.  Los norteamericanos están bombardeados con mensajes directos o subliminales en anuncios, libros, películas, música y televisión, que a menudo nos hace preguntar: “¿Estoy lo suficiente sexy?” “¿Cómo complazco a mi amante?” “¿Estoy bien en la cama?” “¿Cómo mi amante puede mejorar para complacerme?” “¿Cuántas citas antes de tener sexo?”

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