What Men Want but Won’t Tell Women

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If you ask a woman about her ideal man, what she expects from a relationship, or the type of guy she wants to marry, you can expect at least a 20-minute conversation. Ask a guy the same questions and the conversation won’t last 5 minutes.  This is because most men don’t effectively communicate their emotions. Often times, men attempt to communicate their emotions through physical acts (which aren’t easily understood). In preparing to write this piece, I asked several women if they had a moment of complete honesty with men, what questions would they ask. In short, I got the same answer: What do men really want? We can’t figure it out!

What Men Want

Men will tell you that we are simple creatures who just want food, sex, football, and to be left alone. This statement is partial true but doesn’t give a complete picture of the masculine desires. Men are looking for three basic things from a genuine relationship (beyond a one-night stand or jump-off situation): The Three A’s (Affection, Affirmation, and Acceptance).

Often times, women serve as a support group to their girlfriends. When one of your girlfriends is having a bad day, you will talk to her on the phone, give her some encouraging words, give her a hug, or invite her out to lunch or dinner. Since, men don’t have a male support group, a man desires for his woman to be his supporter. When he is having a tough day, he needs a comforting hug and a kiss on the cheek; encouraging words when he feels like the world is against him. He needs to feel your touch and smell your fragrance to help him de-stress from a tough day’s work. Ladies, men need affection too!

From the time of puberty, a young boy sets out on a quest to become a man (some without father figures). Some men seek to gain their manhood through athletics by trying to become the best basketball, football, or baseball player. Others pursue an academic approach through higher or self-education and seeking to gain power in the business. After completing this journey from boyhood to manhood they are seeking a women to affirm that they have arrived at manhood. In short, men want to know that their woman respects them.

We’ve all heard the phrase “Come as you are”. These are the words that men want to hear. This doesn’t mean that men are unwilling to compromise or unwilling to grow. But men dislike when women try to change who they are. Since most men don’t communicate their emotions with their friends, men don’t really feel like their male friends understand who they truly are. Men are secretly seeking to open up and expose themselves to positive and supporting feminine energy. Men want women who understand who they are.

The intent of this piece is to give women some insight into what want men are really seeking from a relationship. Hopefully, this piece can create dialogue between men and women. I encourage ladies to ask their significant other if they are seeking The Three A’s. With men timing is everything, so please choose an ideal time to discuss this topic. Best of luck in your quest for love.

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