Sarah Batista, Journalist and founder of Stories to Inspire

Sarah Batista: Stories to Inspire

During the past seven years, Sarah Batista, former WBTV News reporter, has been one of Charlotte’s most visible Latinas. Batista…

Dr. Luv writes for New Growth Magazine

Finding Your Inner Beauty

The average woman spends $150 per month to enhance or maintain her physical beauty. If we include clothing and shoes, the…

Ashleigh Thornton is the feature for New Growth's Aug. 2013 Issue

Noire Naturalista

Six years ago, when Ashleigh Thornton arrived in the Queen City, she fell in love with Charlotte’s culture and UNC-Charlotte’s campus….

Campus CEO

By Rashad Phillips Dr. Randal Pinkett, Chairman and CEO of BCT Partners, was the first African-American inner of NBC’s The Apprentice…

Dr. Luv writes for New Growth Magazine

Dr. Luv On Sex

America is a highly sexually-charged environment and the mainstream media greatly contributes to its current situation. Americans are bombarded with…

IBzumba's Desire to Inspire

Ibzumba – Desire To Inspire

Two years ago, Diana Gonzalez introduced me to Ibzumba (I-be-Zumba) and asked me to dance Salsa with her. Diana told…

Dr. Luv writes for New Growth Magazine

Dr. Luv On Love

The magic words that most people want to hear are ‘I Love You’, followed by a passionate hug and a…