I Stay Fake Woke

Stay Woke is a term that was used by legendary comedian Dick Gregory and popularized by artists like Erykah Badu, Oshun, and Childish Gambino. The term stay woke in its original form meant to be socially aware, knowledgeable about the system of racism and white supremacy, seeking self-knowledge, and being in sync with universal principles. The opposite of staying woke is being asleep like the majority of the masses who believe almost everything they read or hear in media, accept racism and white supremacy, and believe in fairy tales. Stay woke was a term used by people who were on a quest for universal truth and freedom from systemic oppression, but now the term has been hijacked by the mainstream. Now, most of the people who are “Woke” don’t use the term Stay Woke.

Are you Woke?

Before you say that you Stay Woke, please tell me what woke you up? How did you break free from the Matrix? What caused you to become socially aware? During the last two years, did you just learn about the term white supremacy? I need some proof that you are Woke. If not, I suspect that you might be a parrot repeating lyrics by Erykah Badu, Childish Gambino, and Oshun.

When Dick Gregory used the term Woke, he was referring to awakening the spirit of greatness within yourself, being picked by the universe to put on magic glasses that allows you to see how the world really works, and taking action to activate the God within yourself. Waking up is a process not just slang that means you know what’s happening on social media. Staying woke is actively pursuing and developing your intuition that allows you to read between the lines and go beneath the surface.

In Erykah Badu’s song Master Teacher, she says “I am known to stay awake. A beautiful world I’m trying to find. I’ve been in search of myself. What if there was no niggas only master teachers?” If you are woke, you are continually searching for a beautiful world full of truth, seeking self-knowledge, and continually learning from master teachers.

Who are the Fake Woke folks?

Fake Woke folks are people who don’t know who they are but they are just trying to fit in with the new trend. Four years ago, the Fake Woke folks were All Gold Everything with Trinidad James, now they have their Afrocentric Starter Kit: an African dashiki shirt, a red/black/green flag, Black Lives Matter shirt, and a bootleg copy of Hidden Colors (that they haven’t watched in its entirety). Fake Woke folks say that they are woke but their actions contradict their words. They say they are down for the cause but they don’t economically support black owned businesses. They prefer to buy bootleg copies of Hidden Colors instead of supporting black film producers. Fake Woke folks follow trends, parrot the words of conscious thought leaders, and don’t think for themselves which is the opposite of being in search of yourself.

Below are four examples of Fake Woke Folks:

  • #Staywoke. The only way that they know how to Stay Woke is by posting the hashtag. Their social media post is their proof of being Woke.
  • Dope Woke: The best way for them to Get Woke is by getting high. You ain’t Woke! You are High! Go sit your high ass down!
  • They are Woke As F*&* but they only date outside of their race. They understand racism and white supremacy but they can’t shake those blue eyes, blonde hair, and valley girl voice. And plus, if they make a baby he might be the next Obama.
  • They Stay Woke except on holidays like Independence Day, Columbus Day, and Thanksgiving. Even though their ancestors were enslaved by slave traders like Columbus, their people weren’t freed on Independence Day, and hundreds of thousands of Native Americans were slaughtered by Europeans to form America, Fake Woke folks give thanks for their physical, mental, and spiritual enslavement.


The next time someone tells me that they are Woke, I’m going to ask them what have they produced while Woke? What black owned businesses have you financially supported and promoted so we can empower our community? How many children have you tutored at disadvantaged schools? How many homeless children have you fed? How have you effectively attempted to counter racism and white supremacy? How have you added value to your community? If you haven’t done anything, please take your Fake Woke ass back to sleep!


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