Computer Love

Dr. Luv writes for New Growth Magazine

In the fall of 1985, Zapp & Roger released Computer Love, a hit song that forecasted a future world of online dating. During the 80s, very few people owned personal computers or cell phones. So idea of computer love was just a fantasy. Fast forward twenty years, the price of personal computers and cell phone decreased and both items were in high demand. The age of Aquarius had almost arrived and people were using technology to solve their problems. Due to the changing economy, Americans were working more and socializing less. So websites like,, and PlentyofFish offered modern technology to connect busy single people. In a recent report by The Pew Research Center, 66% of people who used online dating sites or apps have gone a date with someone from their online dating site and only 5% of married couples say they met their spouse through online dating. Since 2005, online dating site usage by people age 18-24 tripled. According to, 50% of Americans are single, 40% of Americans use online dating, 53% lie on their online dating profile, and 48% of online dating relationships end by email.

Are you wearing a Digital Mask?

Online dating is very convenient and allows users to hide behind their computer. It’s hard to hide parts of your personality and behaviors when you meet someone in person but when you are dating online you can hide everything. Your online digital mask allows you become a new person online. If are overweight, you can hire make-up artists, photographers, and graphic designers to create the images that you believe that you deserve. If you are the nerdy dude who couldn’t pick-up chicks in high school, you can hire a dating coach to feed you all the right lines to say when you are chatting online. Only if you decide to meet in-person, do you get an opportunity to see through their digital mask.

Got Malware?

The computer is a device that is modeled after the human brain. Your body is the hardware and your brain is the software. Computer hackers create malware, malicious software that trick you into downloading a file that infects your computer’s files and operating system. Online dating allows human malware hackers, people who have personal malicious mental, spiritual, sexual, and social energy to infect innocent online dating site users. Just like computer hackers, human malware hackers trick you into opening up to the idea of a relationship only to infect you with their negative energy. Human malware hackers study your online dating profile and craft messages to match your personality type. After they get you comfortable, then they will use your trust to manipulate you into giving them money, sex, or personal information.

Technological Love

We live in an information age and technology is supposed to be our friend. It’s important that we understand the purpose and the role of technology. The computer was designed to help humans process and communicate information faster. Online dating sites and apps use technology to connect people faster but the technology doesn’t develop or cultivate the human spirit faster. What is the benefit of connecting two people faster who lack the skills required to engage in a productive relationship? Online dating sites haven’t drastically reduced the number of single Americans or increased the marriage rate. Based on the numbers online dating sites and apps haven’t lived up to the hype. If you want some Computer Love, go to YouTube and listen to Zapp & Rogers song. If you want real love, close your computer and open your heart.


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