2015 Personal & Professional Renewal

By Paulette Cunningham

We often discuss self-improvement at the beginning of the calendar year when in reality there are continuous opportunities for us to change. However, getting to the next level personally and professionally does not happen automatically.

These things take a focused and deliberate effort on our part. This is what I call “Personal and Professional Renewal – the deliberate, purposed movement forward.

The rewards of Personal and Professional Renewal — more success, more joy, more fulfillment—can be obtained in several steps.

Step 1 – Look back and acknowledge. Look back and note times in your past when you’ve stepped up to a new level of success. These experiences can include leaving home for college, landing your first real job, accomplishing a major goal, learned a language, traveling outside of your comfort zone and so forth. Reflecting and acknowledging the fact that you have successfully moved yourself forward in the past will empower you to know you’re capable of doing so now.

Step 2 – Clear out and choose. Just as interior designers first clear everything out of a space in order to begin with an empty space, you too should start by “clearing yourself out” and then consciously deciding what to add. Clear your mind through meditation then see yourself as an empty container to which you may add the personal traits, activities and lifestyle qualities you wish. Make the conscientious decision to be exactly how you want to be. This is being in the driver’s seat of your personal and professional renewal.

Step 3 – Get your environment right. In order to get to next great phase of your life, you must be in a complementary environment that is ripe for where you choose to be next – not for where you are now. This means taking the steps to align yourself with the people, activities and places that will pull you into your next level of success.

This step may involve not talking to gossipy friends and instead engaging with people moving in the direction you want to go. It may mean turning off the television and instead listening to audio books that grow your competency in an area you’ve chosen. The bottom line is that in order for your dreams to become reality, you must create an environment that will help it manifest.

Those of us who are most successful are those who take real ownership of self-betterment. Those of us who are at the top in any category, are those of us who put in deliberate effort toward getting there…and these persons do not wait for the “beginning of the year” to serve as their start date. Their decision to get better dictates the start date.

Right now can be our start date. Right now we have the power to begin by simply deciding how we want our lives to be better. A deliberate “taking the bull by the horns” is all that is needed to start our transition to more.

Life is truly an evolution…continue your evolution with personal and professional renewal.

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