Why Do Men Cheat?

Dr. Luv writes for New Growth Magazine

Cheating is a part of American culture and it’s becoming socially acceptable to cheat in almost all areas of life.  It’s not uncommon to read reports of professional athletes cheating with steroids, school teachers cheating to increase student performance, politicians cheating to raising more money, corporations cheating to increase their stock price, and employees cheating to pass drug tests. In the previously mentioned examples, most people can understand why the cheating occurred. In the area of human relationships, understanding why people cheat isn’t so black and white, partly because we don’t want to consider the possibility of our partner cheating. Below are three reasons why some men cheat.

Some Men Cheat Because of Sex!

Not all men are created equal! Some men have an extremely high sex drive and it’s challenging for one woman to satisfy all of their sexual needs and desires. If these men had it their way, they would have sex several times per day. Some of these guys can have ‘knock down, drag out’ sex in the morning and they will be ready for Round Two in the afternoon, Round Three after work, and Round Four before bed. Strenuous exercise and physically exhausting labor are the only two ways to naturally reduce their sexual charge. Often times, these guys say that they are madly in love with their girlfriend or wife but they complain about not getting enough sex or not being sexually compatible with their partner.

Some Men are Emotional Cheaters.

Our society forces most heterosexual men to suppress their emotions and the only time they feel safe to express their emotions are in intimate relationships. These men are looking for affirmation and emotional support within their intimate relationship. If one of these guys attempts to express his emotions, dreams, or fears with his mate and she isn’t receptive then he will feel rejected. After his mate rejects him, he may look to a co-worker or a friend to express his emotions, which begins an emotional affair that may possibly turn into sexual infidelity.

He Wants Out!

Whether it’s the Seven-year Itch, a new love interest, or he’s just bored with you, he wants out. The tough part is that he doesn’t know how to tell you or he is afraid to tell you. So he starts cheating hoping that after a few flings he will change his mind. Well, the flings didn’t work out as he expected and now he is in some deep ‘ish’. After the affair goes on, he is hoping to get caught. He wants you to catch him so you can end the relationship. If all else fails, he wants the other woman to call you and tell you that “your man belongs to me now.” He is willing to accept almost any result because he is afraid to man up and tell you how he is really feeling.


If cheating is a deal breaker, it’s very important that you take time to find out if the guy you are dating has an extremely high sexual drive. These guys aren’t afraid to talk about sex so ask him how often he likes to have sex. If it’s four times per day, at least you will know what you are signing up for.  The emotional part is harder to figure out because most men hide their emotions. But you can still ask him how important is emotional support and how can you be there for him when he is experiencing a tough time. Last but not least, trust your gut feeling because that will tell you when he wants out.

Dr. Luv writes for New Growth Magazine

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