Travis “Church Boy” Gilliam

Travis "Churchboy" Gilliam

Anyone who’s listened to No Limit Larry’s Morning Mad House on Power 98 (WPEG-FM) has heard Church Boy on the air. But how does a guy, with a name like Church Boy get a job on Charlotte’s hottest Hip-Hop and R&B morning show? Who gave him this nickname? If you’re thinking that he should be in church or preaching, you aren’t far off…

At a young age, Travis Gilliam had a passion for the radio and communications. After graduating high school, Gilliam enrolled in Central Piedmont Community College to pursue an Associate Degree in Communications. While in school, He was determined to find an opportunity in the radio industry.

During a community event to bring awareness to homelessness, Travis met Nate Quick, a former Power 98 radio personality. He told Mr. Quick about his passion for radio and asked how to get his foot in the door. Mr. Quick told Travis about the station’s internship program, and the following semester, Travis applied for it and was accepted into the program. Immediately afterwards, Mr. Quick took Travis under his wing and taught him the ins and outs of the radio industry.

During an out-of-town church function, Travis sent No Limit Larry a text message and asked him to remind Mr. Quick that he wasn’t coming to the station due to a church event. No Limit Larry replied, “if you aren’t in school or working, then you are in church. I’m going to start calling you Church Boy!” After that weekend, he was no longer Travis Gilliam. Everybody called him Church Boy. And after nearly a year of interning for free, Power 98 offered Church Boy a job.

Outside of the radio station, Church Boy spends time with his family and giving back to the community. Church Boy uses his celebrity to influence young people to focus on their education and to dream big. He believes that his story is proof that hard work pays off. He wants young people to know that success requires sacrifice and that success doesn’t come overnight. Church Boy’s goal is to use radio as a platform to help others.

Church Boy believes that his name may give some people the impression that he is extremely religious.

“Religion tells people what they can’t do, but doesn’t tell people what they can do. At one point, I was very religious but I’ve moved in the direction of becoming more spiritual.”

Also, Church Boy thinks that some “church folk” are being unrealistic by telling their children not to listen to “worldly music” because their children will probably hear that music in school or on the internet. Church Boy believes that current Hip-Hop and R&B music can be used as a teaching opportunity for parents and as a starting point for opening conversation between parents and children.

Listen to Church Boy and the rest of No Limit Larry’s Morning Madhouse on 97.9 FM (Charlotte).

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