New Dating Rules for 2013

Dr. Luv writes for New Growth Magazine

If you haven’t noticed, the Dating Game has changed! It’s survival of the fittest and some of you are out of shape. If you don’t want to stay single in 2013, here are some tips to get you back into the dating scene.

Ladies Need to Buy Some Hunting Gear!

Red Alert: For the past three years, Nightline, CNN, and the Charotte Observer reported on the shortage of men (especially African-American men). This means you can no longer afford to wait around on men to approach you; you must become the hunter. Getting dresed up, looking good, and smelling good at a table with your girlfriend ain’t gonna cut it! When you see a man that grabs your interest, you can’t hope and pray that he comes over and speaks to you. You will have to build up the confidence to approach him and start a conversation.

Ask him about this interests and open the lines of communication. The lack of available men requires that you step out of your comfort zone and try something new. In 2013, Ladies you must become The Hunter.

Dinner and a Movie is ‘Old Skool’

It’s a Recession! Do you know how much it costs a man to ask you out for dinner and a movie? In the back of his mind, he is thinking, “If I do this on the first date, then she is going to expect this all the time.” Ladies, now I know what you are thinking, “If he wants to get to know me, then he is going to have to spend some time and money.” But you must remember that the numbers aren’t your favor anymore.

The keywords are Man Shortage. Change the game! On a date, you are selling how great of a person you are. Does a car salesperson take you to dinner and a movie while trying to sell you a car? No. The salesperson wants to spend one-on-one time with you driving the car for sale. So Ladies, you must find new activities where you can sell yourself without going to dinner and a movie. You need him to focus on you and how wonderful you are. The best way to sell yourself isn’t dinner and a movie! So find exciting new ways to sell yourself.

Why Aren’t You Where the Single Men Are?

Go out to a restaurant on a Friday night and you will see tables filled with groups of ladies and only a few single men in sight. Why are single women going out to places where only a few single men will be around? Ladies! If you are single, you need to find where the single men play. Change your hang out spots! Find events or activites where single men are involved. Consider the following ideas: going to sporting events, joining singles Meet-up groups, or joining a health club. Ladies you must spend time where the men are!

Yesterday’s Dating Rules Don’t Work!

You must change with the times. a few of you might get lucky with those old Mr. Right-will-find-me rules. But most ladies aren’t going to find love or happiness undless they change with the times. Feel free to share your thoughts about this article with Dr. Luv by leaving a comment below.

Best wishes on your love journey!

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