Michelle Dawson’s Hair Journey

Taji Hair salon 3

The STRUGGLE has ended…and you weren’t even aware of your role!

For most of my life, the main question running through my head at any given moment has been: “Ugh, my hair…what should I do with it?” It’s been an issue…

  • if it rains
  • if it snows
  • if it’s too hot
  • if it’s too humid
  • if I want to work out
  • if I wanted to stay the night at a friend’s house or even
  • if I just freaking wanted to go swimming!

Like a lot of women with kinky or curly hair, for most of my life, my hair has been a STRUGGLE (but even more so WITH a relaxer)!

For years I chose to relax my hair to just avoid any issues of dealing with a nappy head! Afterall silky, straight hair was beautiful “care-free” hair–or so one who has never been relaxer-free THINKS; especially since I attended mostly all-white schools and had very few black girl friends to share in “the struggle”. I used to swear…”I could never go natural! It wouldn’t even look good on me!” BUT…

Taji Hair Salon 5Two years ago, I began my Natural Hair Journey and stopped getting relaxers. I avoided the “big chop” and instead opted to cut a little of the relaxed hair off at a time. My hair has never been so thick and healthy and it virtually never breaks off. I don’t have split ends and NOW when i’m done getting dressed & ready to go out, I no longer have to sweep up a ton of hair that fell out while i was heat-styling it either with a blow-dryer, curling iron, hot comb or flat iron!!! It is the longest it’s been EVER! Although, 90% of the time over the last two years, I thoroughly enjoyed being natural, I must admit there were moments I’ve thought about just getting it relaxed. Hey…Old habits die hard!

It was just two-days ago that someone special helped END my struggle–I believe FOR GOOD!
I can’t recall how the topic came up but i was sharing with him how surprised I was at how long my hair had gotten–how I had recently blow-dried it & wore it straight. He simply said…”Don’t blow it. I like it like THIS.”–as he ran his fingers thru my rolled out of bed & badly needing a wash, pulled back hair with NO product in it AND rather dry at-the-moment…NAPPY HEAD! For the first time, I felt so loved and accepted just being NATURALLY me!

Talk about having your flames fanned!!!

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