Are Men and Women Really From Mars and Venus?

Dr. Luv writes for New Growth Magazine

When a best-selling author writes a book entitled “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus” and rapper Jay-Z makes a hit record called Mars vs. Venus, Dr. Luv must investigate.  After re-reading Dr. John Gray’s “Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus” and breaking down the lyrics in Jay-Z’s Mars vs Venus, I was compelled to share my thoughts on these interesting ideas.

Dr. Gray and Jay-Z‘s reference to Mars and Venus may be confusing to some but what they are really describing is mythology.  In ancient times, we used myths to explain and describe life experiences. Mars and Venus describe the ancient masculine and feminine principles. Mars is the principle of action, aggression, animal impulses, anger, assertiveness, competition, fighting, sexual desire, and war. Venus is the principle of balance, beauty, charm, grace, harmony, and pleasure.  Here are a few examples of Mars and Venus: Beauty (Venus) & The Beast (Mars), Superman (Mars) & Louis Lane (Venus), and Spiderman (Mars) & MJ (Venus).

Side by side, if you take a look at pictures of unclothed men and women, you will see that we share similarities but we have major differences when you look at our reproductive organs.  The masculine sexual organs are external and usually operate on an animal impulsive level. The Mars (masculine) keywords describe how men attempt to attract the opposite sex. Often times, men feel like they need to compete to gain the attention of a woman. During teenage and young adult years, men will compete with each other to see who can get the most phone numbers or who sleeps with the most women. The previously mentioned activities represent the aggressive, assertive, and competitive nature of the Mars principle within men.

On the other hand, the feminine sexual organs are internal and usually operate on an emotional level. The Venus keywords also describe how women attempt to attract men. Generally speaking, before going out, women spend hours on their appearance. This is because women use their beauty, charm, grace, and pleasing demeanor to attract men.  Often times, women use indirect signals to get the attention of men. During teenage and young adult years, women attempt to develop ways to communicate their interest in men while maintaining their grace, charm, and beauty.

The planet between Mars and Venus is Earth, which is the ideal meeting place for men and women when starting a relationship. Unfortunately, men want to take women back to Mars and women want to take men back to Venus. But the masculine qualities won’t be happy on Venus. Ladies! This means he won’t be happy cuddling with you watching “chick flick” TV marathons, he won’t want to listen to Jill Scott all night long, or dine under candle light every evening.  Fellas! This means she doesn’t want to go to the bar and watch the football game with you every Sunday, listen to Lil Wayne’s last mixtape on date nights, or wait in line with you for hours to get the first look at the latest Star Wars movie.

Typically the opposite sex lacks some of the masculine or feminine principles and seeks to gain the missing pieces in a relationship. What they are seeking is a little taste of the missing masculine or feminine energy but not a complete mouth full. So a man may enjoy going with a woman to a see a Broadway play or to see the latest exhibit at the museum (every once in a while). Or a woman may enjoy going to see the Panthers or the Bobcats play (a few times a season). But to expect anything more than a few times is unreasonable. Why? Because Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus.

Men and women really are from mars and venus

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